10 Side Jobs for Students 

There is one thing most students have in common, the struggle to make ends meet and still get all your university work done on time… so here are my top 10 side jobs for students who are both strapped for cash and time! 

1. Tutoring 

Tutoring is a great way to make money and keep past subjects fresh in your mind. You can work through tutoring companies of work freelance, finding tutees on sites like tutorhunt.com. The pay is good per hour and you can work as much or as little as you want in a week. 

2. Start a blog 

A popular side job for students (like myself) is to start a blog and build it up so that you can make money through advertising, selling your own books/ products, or even just the recongnition is enough to get people work in other media businesses. It’s also a great outlet for a stressed student! 

3. Start a YouTube Channel 

Similar to starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel is another great way to make some money on top of your studies as well as being a platform to create and connect with other people in the same fields as you. 

4. Freelance photography 

A common side job amongst my friends is doing freelance photography. This can be in any field but the most profitable seem to be in wedding/ event photography. This is especially good in London as there are a huge variety of events on most of the year round. 

5. House sitter 

This one is more for saving money then making a profit, but a lot of people (especially in London) do not want their house to look empty whilst they are away. This is where the house sitter comes in, you live in their house for the period that the owners are away, you get to use all the facilities the house offers for free and sometimes they even leave you extra money for food or as a king gesture. This saves on hefty rent prices and means you get to live in some fantastic houses all for free! 

6. Campus jobs 

A lot of universities provide jobs on campus, such asambassadoring or working in the college library. These tend to pay  well, due to the hours being short and the uni understanding most of their students struggle for money! 

7. Start a basic clothing company 

This one takes a bit more planning, but if it goes right can pay off massively! But in basic tshirst from a wholesaler such as fruit of the loom and get your own logo printed on them, then try and sell them around campus, through social media such as Instagram or on sites such a depop or eBay. Although the start up cost is higher than some of the others listed, it could pay back in double if it goes well. 

8. Get creative 

I’ve left this one vauge because there are a lot of options to be chosen. For example, you could make prints and sell them online, buy old furniture and renovate it, design occasion cards, make your own jewellery to sell… and the list goes on and on! But it is something you can do when you have the time, that if done with skill can turn over a pretty penny. 

9. Write a book 

Now I know this one is a bit long winned, but once again it could pay off greatly if it turns out to be a best seller. The book could be anything, fiction or non-fiction, recipie or fantasy. Start it off as a hobby and see where it takes you. 

10. Gym instructor 

The final side job for today takes a bit of training, say 6 weeks over your summer so you can get a qualification. But after that you can teach classes as a freelance instructor, with flexiable hours and a good pay in London it’s a great way to stay fit and earn money! 

I hope this can help some of you out there to make an extra penny whilst you study. 

Lottie x 


A life lesson

Fear does not make you weak.

For a long time I was fearful of so much in the world. I feared walking through a crowd of people, going on the train by myself, the opinions of others, even believing in myself. I became withdrawn from the world because I did not have the confidence to step outside and take on life.

I faced many hurdles in a short space of time, loss and grievance, problems with mental health and other illnesses, academic failure and rejection from my dream university course. It was hard to take all at once and I let it get the better of me, but then I learnt to evolve. I learnt to relax. I learnt to enjoy.

I was helped to do this by a few special people, my best friend who helped me believe in myself. My loving boyfriend who has brought out my confidence and made me see life’s possibilities and my family, especially my parents for never doubting me or stopping their belief in me.

Through the help of this very special group of people I learnt to view the world in a new light and I liked it. So I took onboard what they had all taught me and I decided it was time I take on the world with confidence.

Now I am not saying now I am oozing confidence from head to toe! But I finally have some faith in myself, in the person I am and what I can achieve. So if you ever feel scared by life just remember, fear does not make you weak. In the end, it makes you stronger.

Lottie x