Summer study tips 

For some students out there the summer is the perfect time to learn a skill or start a new hobbie you don’t have time to do in the academic year. So here are an accumulation of tips for helping you achieve a productive summer. 

Learning a language 

1. Apps 

A great way to start learning the basics of a language is to use apps such a Duolingo or Memrise. Set yourself a reminder and work on them for a short period each day, eventually it will become a habit and you’ll have cracked the basics in no time! 

2. Go visit the country 

If you have the time and money, I’ve found the best way to tackle a language is to visit a native speaking country. A great way is to live with a family, you can find out how to do this through companies such as or woofing. 

Learning an instrument 

1. Buy second hand instruments on sites such as eBay or gumtree. This will reduce the over head cost. Then use YouTube videos to find free tutorials, go into charity shops to find second hand music books or find a friend who plays the same instrument to give you a few pointers. 

2. Set a reminder on your phone and practice for at least half an hour as many days as you can in the week. Not only will it become a habit, but you’ll get the hang of your playing the instrument more quickly this way. 

3. Pick a piece of music and give yourself a time limit. Select a piece you would like to play and give yourself a set amount of weeks to be able to learn it. This way you will keep focused as have you a short hand goal in mind. 

Further reading

1. If like me you like to be ahead on your studies, look up what modules will be coming up in the next semester. If there isn’t a suggested reading list already posted, email your lecturer and get their opinion on which books to read. Get yourself a nice notebook and start writing up some notes for next semester. It may seem boring, however it will make a huge difference when you go back in September! 

2. If reading and taking notes during summer is not for you, try watching YouTube videos and documentaries and making notes via this format. This way enables you to save videos and perhaps watch them when you are travelling or have no internet. 

3. You could also create a group chat of friends on your course and compare notes and ideas over the summer. This is a more interactive method and also means you get to see your friends! 

I hope this helps give you some ideas for summer study! 

Lottie x